Doctor: You’ll get over her, Isaac. Just takes a little bit of time. You’ll see.
Isaac: Did he seriously just say you’ll see?


I’m very excited, more on this later.


Chair Yoga from Living Words of Wisdom.

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If the dishes can multiply overnight, why can’t my spoons??

   So. We’ve been back for about 48 hours now and I’m starting to rest up. I never know how tired I am from the trip until I get out of the survival mode I go into to get it all done and yesterday I was exhausted. 

   My LLMD has a list of questions she asks every visit and based on the answers she gives a number out of ten to each category of things that make you ill (such as bartonella, lyme, babesia, yeast, toxins,etc.) and for the first time my top things aren’t toxins, and it’s not even bartonella! She thinks my top problems now are yeast and protomyxzoa. So that’s good! We’re getting more layers off of this onion. She said NONE of my bartonella striations (which I’m covered in) look active, meaning none are red. That’s HUGE. First time since I was about ten, so eight years. 

   I’m not doing rifampin anymore (for now) but instead I’m doing some more herbal stuff, some diflucan for yeast, and some more drops and supplements. I’m excited to be on diflucan again, it always seems to make me feel better. I’m starting something called toxX and it sounds like something an evil scientist would make but apparently it’s good for me and won’t kill me, which is always preferable. Also I’m finally able to do some things to support my adrenals which I’m very excited about.

   She was really impressed with some things with me, she was excited to see that all my out of ten numbers had gone down, I’d lost a few pounds, my stripes weren’t active, and my blood flow was back in my feet. All in all it went very well. It’s about time things went like that isn’t it?

P.S. WE WENT TO NANDO’S! That’s a chicken place that is big in the UK and Australia. They have a few around D.C. and for the first time we were able to go. It was really yummy. It’s great to be able to do something fun on a trip, especially seeing as we’ve gone every two months for six years now. The only other fun thing we’ve gotten to do was go to Ikea once in CT when we were going to the CT LLMD, and that’s been two or three years. Hopefully more fun stuff to come!

Got good news form my LLMD! I’ll make a post about it in a bit! I’m quite worn out from the trip there in back. x

Forgot to post that we got my test results for just the regular blood panel that they even run on HEALTHY people and I don’t have high blood sugar! Which is huge (although I had already started metformin when I was tested but still, that is huge!). But I do have high cholesterol which is in part due to my illness I’m sure but it’s genetic mostly. My mom and my grandma both have it, and they’re doing great so…

I dislike this whole ocular migraines thing.